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Hostels in St. Petersburg

Perhaps, all like to travel some like to go to tropical countries to lie на hot sand to be bought in the sea и to eat exotic fruit, and the European countries which each city is rich with the most beautiful architectural constructions which have reached us from the past attract others. And someone without mind from the modern architecture of streets of large megalopolises built up with high skyscrapers and dazzling multi-colored fires of signs and advertizing. Но the main thing on any trip, be it a trip on the sea to the European capital or the developed megalopolis, to take care о place of the living.

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As a rule, the hotel accommodation or hotel requires large expenses that can’t but sadden any rest. However worldwide there is a new standard of the hotels which are especially popular in Europe — hosted. It is a peculiar hotel the house-keeper of the class, which number, despite rather small price, are the comfortable vacation spot after exhausting walks around the city. This hotel the house-keeper of a class — hosted — has feature — it is necessary to live in the room not to one, and directly to several people that is very convenient for the traveling company. But even if it is necessary to live in the room with strangers, it isn’t terrible — in each number there is a personal safe for valuable things. Hostel (Petersburg) — an excellent method to spare on a trip, after all nearly all the time tourists will see off walking on city streets, visiting museums and palaces, and at night go to bars or clubs.

As a rule, any hosted (St. Petersburg) is in the downtown that is very convenient — it is possible to reach easily on foot the hotel. Also you shouldn’t think that hotel the house-keeper in Petersburg — hosted — doesn’t provide to the lodgers any supplementary services. Today almost any hotel the house-keeper of a class — hosted (St. Petersburg) — renders to the lodgers services, as in any other hotel: transfer, car rent, free parking, computer and Internet connection provision, order of a breakfast, dinner and dinner, help in the order of an avia and railway tickets, and also tickets for different actions and many other services.